Road Warriors

8 10 2013

The time is upon us once again, to take up your gun and go out in search of wildlife Newfoundland and Labrador has been blessed with not only breath taking beauty, but endless hunting choices. From Moose, Caribou, Rabbit, Partridge, black bear, ducks, to more recent newcomers like the coyote. I myself, enjoy nothing more than taking up the old Remington 870, and going for a little jaunt in the woods.

The thing that grinds my gears, are the wanna be hunters, who are too sissy like and afraid to get a little turpentine on their new cammo, to get out of their trucks and actually hunt. They drive the highways at 6 mph, eyeballing the roadside for whatever scavenged meat carcasses they can throw some lead at. Meanwhile, those trying to commute are forced to crawl along the highway looking for a safe spot to pass. Only to find the next Elmer Fudd two kilometers away.

Here is the breaking news story of the day. WILDLIFE live in the woods. If you want to hunt, God bless you, go do it there. If you don’t want to get your new coat dirty, Playstation 3 has some great hunting games which will give you the same hunting experience, without pissing off the rest of us actual hunters.



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